The green suite, the  "Verde Amorosa"  (green lovers) is the color of hope and joy. Where there is love, there is hope. This gives us the faith and the strength and let us reach, what seems impossible to us.

By analogy to the waters, it is in the macrocosm at the origin of life. And in  the  waters  Aphrodite was born and therefore the green is sanctuary of the goddess of love, Venus.

The green also represents nature, its en  cycle, the simplicity  of the dressgiven to the earthto become a  hospitable and productive ground. It canbe deepgrün, like the color of the seas or cheerful like leaves that move. Green is a color that can wait, like love, den  cyclically it is returnedby the passing time .

The green suite is suitable for those who believe in the joy of love and optimism and those who desperately want to conquer it, live it and continue to project it.